Sunday Funday

Today we will be at the same place again so I already know that we will see each other.

My goal for this upcoming week is to not send out any texts for 7 days. I know I can make it Monday through Friday, and I don’t need to text him over the weekend, we will see each other on Sunday.

Let’s make it through 1 week text free. The first week is always the hardest…

Sunday Funday was truly a fun day! I met & made 2 new girl friends, through 1 of my guy friends, who are really nice & very cool. We met a bunch of cuties, a group of guys who we laughed and danced with. It felt really good to be so very happy and to have such a good time in good company. I am really looking forward to next weekend when we all meet up again and repeat the fun day together.

I don’t think I will have any trouble meeting someone new, as in new guy. Now that I am actually looking forward to it, I can see how easy it can be. Today was great & I just want to focus on positivity & everything that feels good right now.

…And yes, he was there, and yes we said hi to each other, and I did catch him checking in on me a couple of times. But today was not about him and that really matters. Ok so I think it will be a little weird to see each other with new people when that happens, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

I think this week ahead will be a breeze and I hope the positivity continues, because it feels really really good.


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