Thursday: He texted

I think I might purchase a book today to help me deal with this current guy issue. I have already read Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy so I might be looking for something similar.

I purchased Matthew Hussey’s Get the Guy and it didn’t cost me a thing since I got it with the 30 day Audible free trial.

I downloaded the book on my phone this morning and then received a morning text from him. I wanted to wait to open it, but then I thought maybe it’s an angry text regarding last night so out of curiosity I opened it.

It was just a playful pic and I’m sure he wanted a playful pic back. The photo was him taking a pic of his boxers shorts looking down. I texted back “Mine“. I have received 2 more texts back but had to leave for work so I haven’t opened them yet.

His texts: Haha, No way

We texted some more and I found out that he’s single again.


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