Week 1 Completed – Friday & Saturday Recap

Ladies & gentlemen I have successfully managed to go text free for an entire week! This is however no way a legit No Contact Rule as we have spent 3 entire full days at our favorite place together, but not really with each other, but rather with our friends as wel as mutual friends.

Let’s Recap the Weekend

Friday: I wasn’t feeling good so I had to skip going out to an awesome party – he was there, but he wasn’t the reason I wanted to attend.

Saturday: I arrived at the beach early not expecting to see him there already because the Friday night party went on late. My intention was to get a good swimming session in but that never happened…

I think I started the morning with water, but my first actual drink was Long Island Iced Tea & believe it or not that 1 drink got me. Half way through my drink I was already drunk. I told the cute bartender that made my drink that day, that nobody else will be making my Long Islands from now on.

During this time we are both sitting at the same area just 2 people apart from one another. We have spent most of our Saturday in this 1 tiny area, as if we had no other options.

Since my girlfriends from last weekend were away for the weekend, I wanted to be social and perhaps meet some new people as well… I was by far probably the most social person of the day there. If I looked happy that’s because I truly was. I had a smile on my face all day long! It was nice to meet new people and most of them were guys, lots of guys.

At one point we bumped into each other at this 1 area where nobody could see us, hugged each other, and he whispered something naughty in my ear. I just laughed and said Friends” as I kissed his shoulder and that was it. We were both drunk, but even so I don’t think there was anything he could have said that would make me really truly interested again right now.





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