Weekend Recap: Sunday & Monday

Sunday: I arrived around lunch time and since I didn’t get any swimming in on Saturday I came in with great intention to get some good laps in. I knew that a couple of the new people I met on Saturday wouldn’t be there already. He was sitting at the bar and I waved at him and he smiled and waved at me back.

I wasn’t feeling so great on Sunday. I wasn’t hungover but it might have been just the same. Since I wasn’t feeling so great, I wasn’t as social as the day before, but that wasn’t my attention for Sunday either.

He didn’t spend much time at the bar, he was mostly away from it. As for me, I swam laps, got my iced coffee, tanned a bit, had some food, and then made my way to the bar where I just observed people from. Had my girlfriends been there I would have definitely stayed longer as the party was just starting when I left.

Monday Funday: I was off this Monday so I went back to my fave place. Because I was very social on Saturday and mostly antisocial on Sunday, my intention was to actually talk to some new people I met the other day and focus on just a few people so that way I could get to know them a bit.

Since he was off too, he got there before me again… I didn’t spend much time at the bar area overall as I was talking to a new guy friend and then his friends kept on coming and I met more and more people and spent a good portion of my day just talking and socializing with this 1 particular group. Monday was truly a blast and a perfect way to end the fun weekend. I went home with 4 new phone numbers in my phone. Yay!

On Tuesday he liked 1 of my Instagram photos randomly out of nowhere. He doesn’t follow me right now, so he must have looked at my profile.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend again, just 2 more working days to go! Happy Hump Day!


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