I came to the beach bar early in the morning and expected to see him there a couple of hours later, but I actually didn’t spot him until a couple of hours later after lunch time.

Seeing him in his colorful swim shorts was funny to me, because I always see him dressed and wearing either black or black and white or some shade of grey.

The vibes for me were just weird around this time because his ex was there, who for some odd reason was checking me out last weekend and giving me weird looks with her girlfriend. Now, this is an ex of 3 years ago so I dunno what that’s all about and it doesn’t really matter as long as we stay out of each others ways. We ended up bumping into each other in the restroom a few times and yeah of course it’s weird, but I just ignore and leave.

The weirdness didn’t really end there, his very attractive female coworkers were there too, one of which he swam with, at the same time I took a dip in…that was odd too, but again, I just ignore and pretend I am not seeing this. Honestly that wouldn’t even bother me so much, but I saw the photo he posted on social media last Monday, bragging how much fun they had on their mini friendly weekend getaway… It only bothered me because he never posts photos of him with any girls, not even his most recent last girlfriend.

Usually every weekend it’s me talking to a lot of guys friends and new guys I meet, so this weekend, this Saturday I felt like he 1 upped me, at least until about an hour or so later when he said he was heading home and invited me over to his via text. I declined, just said NO without explanation. I wasn’t in the best mood at the time, was busy on my phone talking to people and he still lingered around for a bit, then finally left, only to return about an hour later.

Later I met some new guys through 1 of the my new friends and I caught him looking at me and probably wondering what was going on when I was laughing and enjoying myself with them. If I was him I would also wonder… I would wonder did she meet someone new now, and why did she say no etc… I made a mistake of texting him later and telling him part of the truth, that I had cramps and forgot to eat lunch on time and that that’s why I said no to him.

Something about him in a white shirt though, gets me every time. Later as I was leaving I got this urge of really wanting to have a hot night with him. I texted him this morning and told him that.

Today we will see each other again and I’m really curious what will happen. Up until that damn white shirt I was cool as a cucumber. Let’s see how Sunday Funday goes, wish me luck! XOXO




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