A really quick recap of last weekend. We were supposed to get together on Friday, but he cancelled because of work. His boss asked him to stay in for a meeting. On Saturday I rejected him and honestly now that I think about it, I don’t think he texted me after that.

I did regret turning him down on Saturday, but my vibes were off so I know why I did it. I thought everything was cool up until last night… This week not much has happened besides the 2 of us liking each other’s social media posts. Since we both know we will see each other over the weekend, we don’t text much usually during the week, so that’s why I assumed all is well. In fact I actually thought things were going well and that we were starting to like each other little by little again.

Last night I hinted at getting together this weekend, and he seriously said I don’t want to, leave me alone. I found this pretty shocking when I read his text. I was seriously thinking WTF, where is this coming from? When you know that you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s really surprising. My reply was No, problem. I unfollowed him on Instagram and unliked some of his most recent photos and then texted him Well good luck in life. I didn’t think I would text him again after, but I did because I honestly wanted to know what’s up and where this was coming from.

After some short time had passed I texted the following:

What happened?
What’s the problem?

(but quickly got over it)

Never mind, leave it, but please for good this time

(I just felt like I didn’t wanna do the back & forth again. I truly felt like this is it, I’m done, leave me the hell alone now, but stick with it)

Anyways that was last night, but today I’m fine and already over it. I already know that he will regret that big time! And I have nothing to be upset about. I’ve been super happy lately. I’m just gonna continue doing me and living my super happy and super filling life. My daily workouts are my fave part, I couldn’t stop them if I tried. Tonight I have a dinner to go to and tomorrow I will be at the beach bar as well as Sunday so I’m curious how that will go with him being there. I am going to do what he asked and leave him alone. I’m super excited for the weekend as I have a lot of friends joining me at the beach.



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