7/30 Complete

I have completed 7 days of No Contact Rule even though we were at the same place last weekend.

Difficulty Level 2/10

I would say 1/10 but he looks SO damn good right now! It was super easy to ignore him, I only looked at him a couple of time out of all day long being at the same place. That was Sat & Sunday.

On Monday he liked a bunch on my Instagram photos from the weekend even though I unfollowed him on Insta & unliked some recent photos. – This is a total mindfuck; a friend of mine said he still wants you to think of him… I blocked him on Snapchat & Viber but not on other social media accounts even though we aren’t FB friends or follow each other anymore.

New guy update: We met on Saturday and he wanted to see me that evening, Sunday evening, Monday night, and Tuesday night…. I am one of those people that needs to take it slow if I actually really like someone. Then they go through a set of tests, levels they have to pass, once they do, and I’m sure I like a person then the speed of how things go doesn’t really matter anymore. It sounds like a long process but it actually isn’t, I guess it takes 2-3 dates…

Anyways I cancelled Monday night date, and he still kept on texting me daily and then finally asked me on Tuesday when is it possible to see me again. I said weekend, and he said ok babe, and that was perfect! Since then our texting has been awesome and everything is going great. I think we are exactly on the same page.

Tonight I’m going out to an awesome beach party event and my friends are joining me there and he is coming with his friends as well so it should be a good time. I wanted a group event instead of 1 on 1 because I wanna be sure about him… Saturday by the time we met, I was already a few drinks in…














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