Ex Lover Update

Saturday I went to the beach bar & my ex lover guy wasn’t there. I noticed that my Saturday was different without him. His friend, who is my friend again, who also fancies me, asked me what was going on between us & if we are still seeing each other & all that. I told him that we weren’t together for months now, but the way he was responding back, his gestures & replies just told me that they have been discussing me together. He also asked me about other guys & told me that he saw me make out with that 1 guy that 1 Saturday. He also asked me if I slept with that guy (again I dunno if he is asking for himself or for his friend) & of course I said that nothing happened between us besides that kissing session that 1 Saturday.

Saturday afternoon was just weird vibes & a lot of people, the regulars weren’t there, and the music wasn’t great. It was this monotonous repetitive sounds and beats that didn’t have much life to it, so of course my energy was down a bit. Luckily my guy friends came over there & I chilled with them for a bit & we all enjoyed a drink & talked.

Later after they left, I got a bit bored & got ready to go to the Music Festival for some awesome House music. When I got there, I saw my guy & was pretty happy to find him there. He said hi to me. His friend was there too now. We walked over together to my ex lover’s table and some of his close guy friends I hadn’t met yet were there too. Now things got a bit weird, because his friend said something like “your ex boyfriend is here (pointing at my guy) and your new boyfriend is here” he meant himself, as a joke of course coz they do that apparently, but it wasn’t funny & since I didn’t know the guys at the table, I didn’t want to to make any comments.

Neither one of us denied that he was my ex. But thing got even more weird when his friend said that I was his girlfriend, as a joke again. My guy’s reaction wasn’t good. He raised his voice & said “YOUR GIRLFRIEND?” & repeated it again, and as he was saying this you could tell that he was a bit pissed off & wasn’t happy about it. I’m not sure how he didn’t get that this was of course just a joke, especially since his friend told me that he always does that to him with girls he goes out with. I said something like “guys please just stop” coz it was embarrassing & didn’t make me look god regardless if it was true or not. You see I don’t screw the crew – I have a code: Pick 1 guy & all his friends & co-workers are off limits. We talked about this before & I told him about it. I then walked off with his friend & told him that I didn’t like that & because I saw my guy looking our way I gestured with my hands too so he knows I wasn’t happy about what just went down.

Anyways the Music Festival was a blast & I had a great time there. On Sunday he was at the beach bar and I saw him look my way & I looked away, but then looked back at him & he was still looking at me, so I looked at him too. It was one of those ok I’m interested in this person again a bit sort of looks for both of us. Sunday was a bit weird for me but it was still fun. I somehow managed to get a new love interest, not on my side, but a guy interested in me that I’m totally not interested in.

On Monday night I had a giant glass of red wine & texted him late in the evening saying that we should have fun again sometime. On Tuesday since I didn’t get a morning reply, I was starting to think that I won’t get one & that was ok too. Just as I completely moved on from it, I got his text at lunch break from him that he would like that too. This made me excited which is nice. This time around it’s just the icing on my cake, whereas before he was my cake. So I think things will be different for me now since I’m already happy. I am very much looking forward to seeing him again. I think we will have a lot of fun together. Stay tuned for more 🙂



Thursday Night

Last night I had a glass of red again & unlike Wednesday night I did not text my ex lover. As usual he liked a bunch of my Instagram pics (weekly thing) that usually happens on Monday morning around 9am or Tuesday at the latest, but this week was different. He is either very busy with work or a new person in his life or both.

It’s F R I D A Y & I’m excited for this weekend! Tomorrow morning I have a 10am workout class to go to, then swimming, lunch (at the beach) more swimming & then a music festival with my friends and I’m not sure yet but I might even go to the after party. Just gonna go with the flow & if the flow is good, I continue.

Sunday Funday again beach & music festival – should be fun!

Wishing everyone a very happy & fun weekend ahead! XOXO




1 glass of Red wine & I texted…

I have pretty much finished this stupid 30 Day No Contact Rule & like I said in 1 of my previous posts it doesn’t work if you see the person on a weekly basis.

Anyhow last night I was chilling at home with a tv show & I had a glass of red wine as I treat (usually I don’t drink during the week, only on weekends) & then I texted him.

I said hi & waited… He responded with a hi too & asked what I wanted. I said nothing, I just drunk texted (silly drunk honesty). I asked if everything was ok with him, he said that it was and I said that’s good with a stupid smiley face emoji. I’m a big smiley person in real life, so that’s my excuse.

I was just drunk testing the waters. I don’t intend to text for a while again & then do the same thing in a month or so, just to test the waters again.

Monday Thoughts

I’ve got absolutely N O T H I N G to say about this weekend when it comes to this guy. We avoid each other and that’s it.

I did however recently realize that he is unique in a sense that he has this fun quality about him that most guys I’ve been meeting lack. I’m just bored of the regular guys that are predictable, have same lines, same approach, and that are SO into me, it’s such a turn off, all of it. I do have to start talking to new guys again, but I just haven’t met anyone that’s interesting enough yet.

Anyways I’m looking forward to the weekend again and hope to meet some new guys. I will actually try and make an effort this weekend, because this last weekend I just went out to enjoy myself and relax and party. Of course guys approached me, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. I did end up having an amazing weekend. I tried a new workout too, Zumba and I think I will join the weekly Saturday morning class and keep up with it while it’s available.

My life right now is pretty awesome, every aspect of it. Love life is quiet, but I wouln’t want it any other way at the moment. If i see something I like, I grab it, so not really concerned about that. Looking forward to whatever comes next. Happy Week to you ALL! XOXO



It’s been 3 weeks since I started the No Contact Rule & I will tell you that this DOES NOT WORK if you spend the weekends with this person.

So I’m gonna keep at it, but I don’t expect anything from it. I’m going to start the proper 30 day no contact when I’m sure I won’t see this person for a month which will be October, well apart from the Halloween party.

Meanwhile just gonna enjoy life & make the best of it! Looking forward to retail therapy after work and of course the weekend. Cheers!


In Love with Saturdays

This past Saturday was a blast! I had 1 hell of a time at the beach bar party with my friends. Saturdays have become the highlight of my week as Sunday Funday starts pretty late & I can’t stay out late as I wake up early for work Monday morning.

So I narrowed it down to just 1 guy & I don’t want to do anything about it because I like him. The other 1 I just see as a friend. And then this new guy has been driving me crazy & making me angry coz he just shows up there without even texting me… I think he thought we were in a relationship so I had to text him saying I love my single life way too much & don’t wanna change that. He played it cool & said he just wants to go out on dates and have fun, and I said I already have someone, so I think he will leave me alone now. – Relief!

So now I’m very single and nothing has been happening apart from a couple of shared kisses with 2 guys I’m absolutely not interested in. One of them was the above new guy & the other was some new German guy I met. Luckily he’s out of the country for 2 weeks so I won’t see him. There was another accent guy, we just exchanged numbers, absolutely nothing happened, and he has been texting me a lot too.

Not to self: Stop telling guys they have cool accents, coz they take it very wrong. They think you are instantly in love with them. No more of that!

I’m very much looking forward to this upcoming weekend and my full day at the beach this Saturday.

I have been working out every day, completed 1 month & I gotta say I’m exhausted because I’m not getting enough sleep. I gotta work on fixing that. Would like 8 hours every night if possible. I’ve been very busy lately too which makes the time fly by fast.

The irony is during winter I was complaining to my friends of lack of love life and now it’s crazy, I feel overwhelmed and want to be left alone most of the time. But 1 of my close friends said just enjoy it! So I will make the best of it. Relax and enjoy – Looking forward to the weekend XOXO




14/30 Done

Ok, so after this Thursday is over, I will have 2 weeks completed of the No Contact Rule & I think that’s pretty great. I do not intend to contact him at any point soon, sticking to 30 days.

With my ongoing daily workouts by the time I get to Thursday & Friday, I feel like it’s Monday. I have completed almost 4 weeks of daily workouts & I don’t intend to stop this at any point soon. I am a completely different person, crazy happy every day.

I have a really fun weekend coming up so I’m really looking forward to it. Will skip going out tomorrow night & be out all day Saturday & Sunday.

I like 2 guys right now, both Leos, but I’m 100% not looking for a relationship. I have realized this very recently, that I like my freedom way too much. The new guy texted me about going out for drinks tonight a couple of days ago, but I told him I’m only going out this weekend.