14/30 Done

Ok, so after this Thursday is over, I will have 2 weeks completed of the No Contact Rule & I think that’s pretty great. I do not intend to contact him at any point soon, sticking to 30 days.

With my ongoing daily workouts by the time I get to Thursday & Friday, I feel like it’s Monday. I have completed almost 4 weeks of daily workouts & I don’t intend to stop this at any point soon. I am a completely different person, crazy happy every day.

I have a really fun weekend coming up so I’m really looking forward to it. Will skip going out tomorrow night & be out all day Saturday & Sunday.

I like 2 guys right now, both Leos, but I’m 100% not looking for a relationship. I have realized this very recently, that I like my freedom way too much. The new guy texted me about going out for drinks tonight a couple of days ago, but I told him I’m only going out this weekend.


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