Monday Thoughts

I’ve got absolutely N O T H I N G to say about this weekend when it comes to this guy. We avoid each other and that’s it.

I did however recently realize that he is unique in a sense that he has this fun quality about him that most guys I’ve been meeting lack. I’m just bored of the regular guys that are predictable, have same lines, same approach, and that are SO into me, it’s such a turn off, all of it. I do have to start talking to new guys again, but I just haven’t met anyone that’s interesting enough yet.

Anyways I’m looking forward to the weekend again and hope to meet some new guys. I will actually try and make an effort this weekend, because this last weekend I just went out to enjoy myself and relax and party. Of course guys approached me, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. I did end up having an amazing weekend. I tried a new workout too, Zumba and I think I will join the weekly Saturday morning class and keep up with it while it’s available.

My life right now is pretty awesome, every aspect of it. Love life is quiet, but I wouln’t want it any other way at the moment. If i see something I like, I grab it, so not really concerned about that. Looking forward to whatever comes next. Happy Week to you ALL! XOXO



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