1 glass of Red wine & I texted…

I have pretty much finished this stupid 30 Day No Contact Rule & like I said in 1 of my previous posts it doesn’t work if you see the person on a weekly basis.

Anyhow last night I was chilling at home with a tv show & I had a glass of red wine as I treat (usually I don’t drink during the week, only on weekends) & then I texted him.

I said hi & waited… He responded with a hi too & asked what I wanted. I said nothing, I just drunk texted (silly drunk honesty). I asked if everything was ok with him, he said that it was and I said that’s good with a stupid smiley face emoji. I’m a big smiley person in real life, so that’s my excuse.

I was just drunk testing the waters. I don’t intend to text for a while again & then do the same thing in a month or so, just to test the waters again.


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