So totally over this guy. I have no idea when exactly it happened, but it did. Honestly I didn’t think it would happen this fast, especially with seeing him every week.

I’m met some new guys recently that my situation has definitely changed. I’ve also been listening to Matthew Hussey’s Get the Guy and this guy is a genius. I highly recommend this book! I went through Chapter 2 – Chapter 6 the other day and I found myself wanting to make notes everywhere.

Super excited about this weekend! Bring it on! x


Thursday: He texted

I think I might purchase a book today to help me deal with this current guy issue. I have already read Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy so I might be looking for something similar.

I purchased Matthew Hussey’s Get the Guy and it didn’t cost me a thing since I got it with the 30 day Audible free trial.

I downloaded the book on my phone this morning and then received a morning text from him. I wanted to wait to open it, but then I thought maybe it’s an angry text regarding last night so out of curiosity I opened it.

It was just a playful pic and I’m sure he wanted a playful pic back. The photo was him taking a pic of his boxers shorts looking down. I texted back “Mine“. I have received 2 more texts back but had to leave for work so I haven’t opened them yet.

His texts: Haha, No way

We texted some more and I found out that he’s single again.

Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy

“It takes a man at least three weeks to realize you’re not actively seeking him out.  After four weeks, he’s wondering what the hell you’re doing.  After five to six weeks, chances are he’ll be acting like a high school girl wondering where the hell you are, and what the hell you’re doing…if he cared for you at all.  If he hasn’t contacted you within eight weeks he’s definitely moved on and you should do the same.  Don’t give him another thought.  Don’t let it consume your mind.  Move on and be marvelous.”

― Leslie Braswell, Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy: The Art of No Contact: A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mastering A Breakup and Taking Back Power