He is texting me Every Day now!

Oh wow, the tables have definitely turned. So now he us texting me every day & sending me hot photos.

He also asked me to be friends with benefits but I told him that I’m not interested right now as I like someone & wanna see where it goes.

I even told him that it’s time for me to stop dicking around as I’m about to turn 35 & that I changed my mind about kids; I do wanna have them…

And you would think that that would turn him off but nooooooo, not this guy, he is still texting me.

Let’s see what happens next…


The 30 Day No Contact Rule Works!

Ok so I would like to tell you that if you are trying to get over someone, the 30 Day No Contact rule defo works. But more so if you DO NOT see the person in person obviously. I haven’t seen this character in a month & I’m defo not interested anymore whatsoever. I texted him to tell him that too. Oddly enough now he is sending me naughty material & with me if I’m not interested, well I’m not interested, that’s it.

I got on 1 of those lame dating apps because I will be in London soon & it would be fun to set up some dates. Recently I had a famous DJ creep up on me online & a sexy athlete & this gave me that boost I needed. Suddenly I was like What the heck was I doing with that loser when I can get this? We tend to forget our worth when we are with fuckers who make us feel like we are less of a person than we are. Try not to do that to yourself, it doesn’t feel good.

Right now I am just trying to follow happiness & my heart & wherever it leads it will be good. I want to create more awesome friendships with cool like-minded people & enjoy life more. Basically I wanna bring more FUN into my life. I have also joined a GYM recently & I go almost every day. I wanna be super fit for next summer.

I texted…


So I broke my No Contact Rule already & texted him this morning telling him that I need some next week.

He is just a fuck buddy anyhow, so might as well take advantage when I need to.

He didn’t text back, but I’m not bothered. Next week is gonna be cray so I would love some happy sexy time & I’m defo ready for it, but I do have 2 hour spa session booked in already as well as entire week of sauna treatments.

My best friend is also flying in from London & I can’t wait to see her & catch up on everything.

I miss you, or not

So a few days ago I texted him that I missed him. Now this is not real. I mean this is not me really missing him.

This is what happens when I am not myself and I am feeling down and weak and bored too. You see I got sick this week and I have been spending a lot if time at home recovering and of course at my worst I missed him, but now I am getting better and I don’t really miss him anymore.

I am however going to do the 6 week texting test. So basically No Contact for 6 weeks & if he doesn’t text me, then he defo doesn’t care. The point of the time frame is to back off & see if the silence makes him think of me & makes him wonder what I’m up to & if I am on his mind at all during this time.

Of course now, I am on a lookout for a true man catch. Hopefully when I recover & start going out again I will meet someone interesting.

New Texts….The Silent Treatment

So it’s been 2 weeks since my last post & this is short little update since then. I saw him in person during last weekend on September/ 1st weekend of October. Nothing happened on Saturday or Sunday. I haven’t really received texts from him either lately, but I have sent him a few here & there.

I always know what the silence means, by now I have learned that it means he is interested in someone new or is seeing someone new or has a girlfriend. My intuition is always spot on & I end up guessing who it is & then I find about it online somehow by accident always.

Oddly enough this time around I am happy for him, because if he is seeing or dating who I think he is seeing/dating then I absolutely approve this time around. This girl is way better than his last, which I really didn’t like at all.

I am one of those crazy honest people so of course I told him that via text. I do hope that now we can form a real friendship & be cool with 1 another.  So now I am officially leaving it alone, although I have been in that mode for some time now. I did manage to get over all my anger about him recently too.

I am in this mood of really wanting to find the right guy right now & I want to be treated really well, like I deserve to be treated. I sort of don’t want to settle for anything less. I am not in a hurry to meet a guy, but open to meeting 1. Of course I can be crazy picky, but if I feel a connection with someone, there’s a chance it can go somewhere.

Excited for what’s ahead because it’s unknown & mysterious & full of beautiful possibilities.

Love, J

Just updates….on same guy

He was texting me every day for 2 weeks then it sort of slowed down to minimal because he pretty much told me when I’m ready to hit him up.

I had to work through my anger, and I had shit ton of it inside & it’s finally gone.

Nothing has happened yet… There was like a long break where we didn’t see each other – maybe 4 or 5 weeks or so. So this past weekend, we finally saw each other.

Oddly enough before I saw him, my physical attraction for him was crazy wild, dunno why. Then when I saw him, I just thought oh, ok. Like he’s ok but nothing like before. Must be something about the Love/Hate balance who knows…

I am defo focused on me now & have a lot going on so Life is defo Good at the moment 🙂

Peace, Love, Fall XOXO

Time for a New Man or New Project

If you look at the top right corner of my blog page you will notice a new page: The British Fuckhead

Here you will find ALL posts from Guy No 1 Experiment. Unfortunately none of them are interesting to me now since this was after we ended things & we never really started again, so I’m closing this book instead of starting a new re-read chapter.

Right now only the MAY month blog posts are there, but every day I’ll try and add 1 month. Luckily there are only 4 months so should be fast page upgrade.

Looking forward to a fresh new start. Of course now we need a new target, but meanwhile I will start updates on other goals like weight loss, diet changes, fitness changes etc…