I texted…


So I broke my No Contact Rule already & texted him this morning telling him that I need some next week.

He is just a fuck buddy anyhow, so might as well take advantage when I need to.

He didn’t text back, but I’m not bothered. Next week is gonna be cray so I would love some happy sexy time & I’m defo ready for it, but I do have 2 hour spa session booked in already as well as entire week of sauna treatments.

My best friend is also flying in from London & I can’t wait to see her & catch up on everything.


I miss you, or not

So a few days ago I texted him that I missed him. Now this is not real. I mean this is not me really missing him.

This is what happens when I am not myself and I am feeling down and weak and bored too. You see I got sick this week and I have been spending a lot if time at home recovering and of course at my worst I missed him, but now I am getting better and I don’t really miss him anymore.

I am however going to do the 6 week texting test. So basically No Contact for 6 weeks & if he doesn’t text me, then he defo doesn’t care. The point of the time frame is to back off & see if the silence makes him think of me & makes him wonder what I’m up to & if I am on his mind at all during this time.

Of course now, I am on a lookout for a true man catch. Hopefully when I recover & start going out again I will meet someone interesting.

New Texts….The Silent Treatment

So it’s been 2 weeks since my last post & this is short little update since then. I saw him in person during last weekend on September/ 1st weekend of October. Nothing happened on Saturday or Sunday. I haven’t really received texts from him either lately, but I have sent him a few here & there.

I always know what the silence means, by now I have learned that it means he is interested in someone new or is seeing someone new or has a girlfriend. My intuition is always spot on & I end up guessing who it is & then I find about it online somehow by accident always.

Oddly enough this time around I am happy for him, because if he is seeing or dating who I think he is seeing/dating then I absolutely approve this time around. This girl is way better than his last, which I really didn’t like at all.

I am one of those crazy honest people so of course I told him that via text. I do hope that now we can form a real friendship & be cool with 1 another.  So now I am officially leaving it alone, although I have been in that mode for some time now. I did manage to get over all my anger about him recently too.

I am in this mood of really wanting to find the right guy right now & I want to be treated really well, like I deserve to be treated. I sort of don’t want to settle for anything less. I am not in a hurry to meet a guy, but open to meeting 1. Of course I can be crazy picky, but if I feel a connection with someone, there’s a chance it can go somewhere.

Excited for what’s ahead because it’s unknown & mysterious & full of beautiful possibilities.

Love, J XOXO

Just updates….on same guy

He was texting me every day for 2 weeks then it sort of slowed down to minimal because he pretty much told me when I’m ready to hit him up.

I had to work through my anger, and I had shit ton of it inside & it’s finally gone.

Nothing has happened yet… There was like a long break where we didn’t see each other – maybe 4 or 5 weeks or so. So this past weekend, we finally saw each other.

Oddly enough before I saw him, my physical attraction for him was crazy wild, dunno why. Then when I saw him, I just thought oh, ok. Like he’s ok but nothing like before. Must be something about the Love/Hate balance who knows…

I am defo focused on me now & have a lot going on so Life is defo Good at the moment 🙂

Peace, Love, Fall XOXO

Time for a New Man or New Project

If you look at the top right corner of my blog page you will notice a new page: The British Fuckhead

Here you will find ALL posts from Guy No 1 Experiment. Unfortunately none of them are interesting to me now since this was after we ended things & we never really started again, so I’m closing this book instead of starting a new re-read chapter.

Right now only the MAY month blog posts are there, but every day I’ll try and add 1 month. Luckily there are only 4 months so should be fast page upgrade.

Looking forward to a fresh new start. Of course now we need a new target, but meanwhile I will start updates on other goals like weight loss, diet changes, fitness changes etc…




2 weeks w/out him

I was expecting her to be gone by now, but she’s still here and it’s annoying the shit out of me to have to see her face every week.

I want to text him this coming week and tell him I want to make up. Test and see where he is at.

I’m not meeting anyone new, so I still think about him. I know I have a better chance if I text him after she leaves, but I have no idea when she is leaving.


Keep Calm, You have been Blocked

On Sunday I didn’t go to the beach bar & it was a great decision. We had another fight via texts & it wasn’t good. I pretty much told him to leave me the hell alone. But I’ve also had enough so I blocked him on ALL Social Media accounts and on my phone. I think he took it seriously this time…

Today he wasn’t at the beach bar which is very odd for him. Hopefully it’s because he knows I hate his guts and don’t want to see his fucking face. I saw her for 5 minutes but then she left too.

She is leaving this coming week I think so it will be nice not to see them again. I don’t think I’m going to the beach bar tomorrow. He gave me my Saturday so I’ll give him his Sunday. Feels like a bad divorce with him now and splitting the beach bar between us.

I am not sure when this anger will stop, but I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Oddly enough I do think about how nice it would be to make up with him but Iam also not gonna forgive and forget so easily this time around.

I cancelled my date today with this 25 year old child because honestly I know already this isn’t for me. I want a real man now and definitely older. I am thinking 35-40 would be a perfect age range for me.

I am looking forward to the next month. It will be the last month at the beach bar and then comes Fall. I am so done with this hot weather. Very much over it. Can’t wait for October to come. – It will be the best!