Pretty sure he took the day off today as it’s his birthday, so I’m avoiding the beach bar today, and tomorrow too, as I know he will be there for sure. Instead I made different plans and a change of scenery will do me good.

I didn’t think sending him a happy birthday text would be a good idea, but fuck it, I’m not a dick, so I did. If he doesn’t respond with a thank you, then obviously he’s a dick.

It’s time to take this useless energy and invest it solely in me again, and be very, very, selfish in my decisions, to protect my own happiness and cultivate it. That’s what I’m doing this week and I know this is for the best.

I’m still focusing on weight loss and working out and so far I’ve lost about 7 lbs. It’s a very slow process but it’s working and the weight is staying off. I am losing about 2.2 lbs a month, so it’s slow but steady. My goal is to tone and tighten and I have the drive and the patience for it.

My favorite workouts are swimming and Zumba right now during these hot summer months. Unfortunately it’s been pretty windy, so there are always waves in the water which is very annoying while swimming but I still do it. Zumba I love because it’s a group workout, and you really burn a lot of calories during this 1 hour group session, and it also makes you so happy as dancing is fun and the music is great.

Looking forward to this awesome week off of fun, sun, sea and relaxation. XOXO

UPDATE: He texted me to thank me for the birthday wishes. So he isn’t a complete dick after all but he might be a dick regardless, who knows… I’m gonna quietly remove myself from this situation and let pieces fall where they may because I have my own life to live.

Another guy, a new guy likes me and this of course has given me some power back, but I’m not interested in him, only as a friend, but still it’s always nice to be desired.

UPDATE #2: My friend who is also his friend specifically asked me What about you and (his name) and if anything was going on now……. I haven’t talked to her about him in months, so I was surprised that she brought him up, especially since last time when we couldn’t get together we moved on from that convo and topic for good. Hmm has he said anything to her about me? Perhaps but I’m thinking highly unlikely… Interesting…



Thursday Night

Last night I had a glass of red again & unlike Wednesday night I did not text my ex lover. As usual he liked a bunch of my Instagram pics (weekly thing) that usually happens on Monday morning around 9am or Tuesday at the latest, but this week was different. He is either very busy with work or a new person in his life or both.

It’s F R I D A Y & I’m excited for this weekend! Tomorrow morning I have a 10am workout class to go to, then swimming, lunch (at the beach) more swimming & then a music festival with my friends and I’m not sure yet but I might even go to the after party. Just gonna go with the flow & if the flow is good, I continue.

Sunday Funday again beach & music festival – should be fun!

Wishing everyone a very happy & fun weekend ahead! XOXO




14/30 Done

Ok, so after this Thursday is over, I will have 2 weeks completed of the No Contact Rule & I think that’s pretty great. I do not intend to contact him at any point soon, sticking to 30 days.

With my ongoing daily workouts by the time I get to Thursday & Friday, I feel like it’s Monday. I have completed almost 4 weeks of daily workouts & I don’t intend to stop this at any point soon. I am a completely different person, crazy happy every day.

I have a really fun weekend coming up so I’m really looking forward to it. Will skip going out tomorrow night & be out all day Saturday & Sunday.

I like 2 guys right now, both Leos, but I’m 100% not looking for a relationship. I have realized this very recently, that I like my freedom way too much. The new guy texted me about going out for drinks tonight a couple of days ago, but I told him I’m only going out this weekend.

Weekend Update

Ok so first of all I am doing the 30 Day No Contact Rule for real this time, because I have a new guy in my life! Woop! Woop!

Long story short, we were both at the beach bar & at some point I met a new guy & I’m pretty excited because it’s so rare for me to meet someone I like because I’m so picky… Anyhow me & new guy kissed in front of old guy (the idiot) so that’s awesome, but it really isn’t about him anymore, it’s about me now.

Saturday was pretty awesome at the beach. I saw a lot of friends and met new people and this new guy, his friends like me too so that’s pretty awesome.

Sunday I went back to the beach bar but left early due to heat… Ignored old guy all day, easy!

PS: I have a date with new guy today 🙂 yay!

Weekend Update

I had an epic weekend this past weekend. I met a lot of new people and I really enjoyed myself. Me & this guy started texting again & we might meet up this weekend…

Again, I met a lot of guys, some new, some from before, but in general they all annoyed me because I felt like everyone wanted me for themselves & I just wanna run around free & have fun. I haven’t met the guy yet, not a special one I would actually consider going out on a date with. So back to the last guy…Let’s see what will happen next!

I have 3 fun events this weekend during the evening and I am going to do my usual afternoon swims & socializing so it should be super awesome!

I have also started working out daily which has made me feel fantastic. I am happier overall because I’m busier.