Sunday Funday

Today we will be at the same place again so I already know that we will see each other.

My goal for this upcoming week is to not send out any texts for 7 days. I know I can make it Monday through Friday, and I don’t need to text him over the weekend, we will see each other on Sunday.

Let’s make it through 1 week text free. The first week is always the hardest…

Sunday Funday was truly a fun day! I met & made 2 new girl friends, through 1 of my guy friends, who are really nice & very cool. We met a bunch of cuties, a group of guys who we laughed and danced with. It felt really good to be so very happy and to have such a good time in good company. I am really looking forward to next weekend when we all meet up again and repeat the fun day together.

I don’t think I will have any trouble meeting someone new, as in new guy. Now that I am actually looking forward to it, I can see how easy it can be. Today was great & I just want to focus on positivity & everything that feels good right now.

…And yes, he was there, and yes we said hi to each other, and I did catch him checking in on me a couple of times. But today was not about him and that really matters. Ok so I think it will be a little weird to see each other with new people when that happens, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

I think this week ahead will be a breeze and I hope the positivity continues, because it feels really really good.


He was out late on Friday night, made it back home after 5. When I texted What are you up to? at 2pm he was still in bed sleeping.

Saturday was beach day for me, and because we hang out at same places (also how we met) we saw each other. He waved at me and although it was sweet, when I asked him how he was in return, I couldn’t help but feel this cloud of dickhead vibes around him.

So here we are, chilling at the same place, just a few feet apart from one another with absolutely nothing better to do on a Saturday. I caught him starring at me at one point from afar. He looked like he was thinking about something. Shortly after he disappeared and I left a couple of hours after.

I catch myself thinking just be done with this one already but something is also preventing me to just quit cold turkey…

Day 2, I texted…

Me: Happy Friday 🙂
Him: What time do you finish work?
Me: 4 but I have plans
Him: ok have a nice day
Me: Have a good night

Me: I can stop by tomorrow
Him: We’ll see
Me: Okies

Ok so maybe I am not ready for this 30 Day No Contact rule yet. All I can say is I’m happy when we text.

We texted again just for a few minutes. I told him I’m not looking for anything serious, just fun & that if he’s looking for a serious relationship he should give it a real try with this girl. He said they are finished. Inside I was doing a happy dance.

Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy

“It takes a man at least three weeks to realize you’re not actively seeking him out.  After four weeks, he’s wondering what the hell you’re doing.  After five to six weeks, chances are he’ll be acting like a high school girl wondering where the hell you are, and what the hell you’re doing…if he cared for you at all.  If he hasn’t contacted you within eight weeks he’s definitely moved on and you should do the same.  Don’t give him another thought.  Don’t let it consume your mind.  Move on and be marvelous.”

― Leslie Braswell, Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy: The Art of No Contact: A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mastering A Breakup and Taking Back Power

Day 2 The Purpose of the No Contact Rule

The 30 Day No Contact Rule has 2 different outcome options

  1. You get the guy back by ignoring him
  2. You move on by getting a break from him

Note: In order for the No Contact to begin things have to end

I would love to move on from this guy, but I’m also very much alone and bored at the moment so there’s nothing else around to distract me. Up until Monday I thought I was the only girl in his life currently, judging by how hard he has been pursuing me, but now that I know that he has “moved on”, I have to do the same ASAP.

I’m one of those girls that jumps from one guy to another, so I will need a new distraction. The weekend is coming up and I will be out on Saturday and Sunday so I’ll keep my eyes open for a potential new guy.

Wish me luck! XOXO

Day 1 Texts 0

I’ve been a naughty girl. Last night before bed we exchanged some videos & both fell asleep happy. At first I felt like I had already failed but then I quickly felt better once I realized it was day 0.

Let’s see what Day 1 will bring…

I’m bored & awaiting his text, wondering if it will come today at all. Maybe Day 1 will be uneventful…

It’s 1pm and by now I am pretty sure that I won’t receive any texts today.

7pm & I really want to text him. I typed out the text but didn’t hit send…

Day 0 Text 1

I honestly wasn’t expecting the first text to arrive on Day 0 but it sure came. Luckily I’ve got things to do so I will not open it right away. The text content will be published later on tonight when I open it.

So around 8pm when I got home from errands and some shopping I opened his text message out of curiosity. The text read: Want me to come over at 6? Since it’s past 6 it’s easy not to reply to that. Hump Day coming to an end and I’ve got 30 days of this left.