Tonight’s the Night

Tonight I’m meeting up with this guy I was seeing recently. It has been almost 3 months since we got together. Let’s see how it goes this time around…

UPDATE: So he had to stay late for work & we both had plans for Friday night already, so we ended up not seeing each other, but it’s all good because I still managed to go out with my friends to an awesome party & have a good time. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend 🙂 xxx



Weekend Update

I had an epic weekend this past weekend. I met a lot of new people and I really enjoyed myself. Me & this guy started texting again & we might meet up this weekend…

Again, I met a lot of guys, some new, some from before, but in general they all annoyed me because I felt like everyone wanted me for themselves & I just wanna run around free & have fun. I haven’t met the guy yet, not a special one I would actually consider going out on a date with. So back to the last guy…Let’s see what will happen next!

I have 3 fun events this weekend during the evening and I am going to do my usual afternoon swims & socializing so it should be super awesome!

I have also started working out daily which has made me feel fantastic. I am happier overall because I’m busier.


So totally over this guy. I have no idea when exactly it happened, but it did. Honestly I didn’t think it would happen this fast, especially with seeing him every week.

I’m met some new guys recently that my situation has definitely changed. I’ve also been listening to Matthew Hussey’s Get the Guy and this guy is a genius. I highly recommend this book! I went through Chapter 2 – Chapter 6 the other day and I found myself wanting to make notes everywhere.

Super excited about this weekend! Bring it on! x

Weekend Recap: Sunday & Monday

Sunday: I arrived around lunch time and since I didn’t get any swimming in on Saturday I came in with great intention to get some good laps in. I knew that a couple of the new people I met on Saturday wouldn’t be there already. He was sitting at the bar and I waved at him and he smiled and waved at me back.

I wasn’t feeling so great on Sunday. I wasn’t hungover but it might have been just the same. Since I wasn’t feeling so great, I wasn’t as social as the day before, but that wasn’t my attention for Sunday either.

He didn’t spend much time at the bar, he was mostly away from it. As for me, I swam laps, got my iced coffee, tanned a bit, had some food, and then made my way to the bar where I just observed people from. Had my girlfriends been there I would have definitely stayed longer as the party was just starting when I left.

Monday Funday: I was off this Monday so I went back to my fave place. Because I was very social on Saturday and mostly antisocial on Sunday, my intention was to actually talk to some new people I met the other day and focus on just a few people so that way I could get to know them a bit.

Since he was off too, he got there before me again… I didn’t spend much time at the bar area overall as I was talking to a new guy friend and then his friends kept on coming and I met more and more people and spent a good portion of my day just talking and socializing with this 1 particular group. Monday was truly a blast and a perfect way to end the fun weekend. I went home with 4 new phone numbers in my phone. Yay!

On Tuesday he liked 1 of my Instagram photos randomly out of nowhere. He doesn’t follow me right now, so he must have looked at my profile.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend again, just 2 more working days to go! Happy Hump Day!

Week 1 Completed – Friday & Saturday Recap

Ladies & gentlemen I have successfully managed to go text free for an entire week! This is however no way a legit No Contact Rule as we have spent 3 entire full days at our favorite place together, but not really with each other, but rather with our friends as wel as mutual friends.

Let’s Recap the Weekend

Friday: I wasn’t feeling good so I had to skip going out to an awesome party – he was there, but he wasn’t the reason I wanted to attend.

Saturday: I arrived at the beach early not expecting to see him there already because the Friday night party went on late. My intention was to get a good swimming session in but that never happened…

I think I started the morning with water, but my first actual drink was Long Island Iced Tea & believe it or not that 1 drink got me. Half way through my drink I was already drunk. I told the cute bartender that made my drink that day, that nobody else will be making my Long Islands from now on.

During this time we are both sitting at the same area just 2 people apart from one another. We have spent most of our Saturday in this 1 tiny area, as if we had no other options.

Since my girlfriends from last weekend were away for the weekend, I wanted to be social and perhaps meet some new people as well… I was by far probably the most social person of the day there. If I looked happy that’s because I truly was. I had a smile on my face all day long! It was nice to meet new people and most of them were guys, lots of guys.

At one point we bumped into each other at this 1 area where nobody could see us, hugged each other, and he whispered something naughty in my ear. I just laughed and said Friends” as I kissed his shoulder and that was it. We were both drunk, but even so I don’t think there was anything he could have said that would make me really truly interested again right now.




Wednesday: How’s sex life?

So on Wednesday I texted…

Me: How’s sex life?
Him: I’m not having any right now.
Me: Same. I’ve replaced sex with chocolate, meh
Him: I’m off tomorrow. Are you?
Me: I’m not. I’m off Monday